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Sarah I. Avni

Inside XVI

38 x 46 cm (VxŠ)

kombinovaná technika na plátně

This artwork comes from a special collection of “rock” paintings. Inspired by the music of a fantastic slovac band, INSIDE. This unique collaboration of artists aims to deepen the artistic experience. Music, like paintings, is communicating with our soul. 

These abstract works have as much energy as you can fit into the rock music. The epic battle of good and evil, the strongest emotions, love, power of dragons, Gods, shamans, fairies, joyful dolphins, the wild animals in each and every one of us, the beauty and wildness of the nature which created it all ... LIFE.

The paintings will be on display during some of the INSIDE concerts as well as on their album cover named Čas (EN: Time).

This is an original artwork, made with love and passion, and it goes with signed Certificate of Authenticity. Ready to hang unframed if preferred. 

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Inside XVI
Inside XVI
Inside XVI
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