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Rudi Koval


130 x 120 cm (VxŠ)

akryl na nenašepsovaném plátně

30 000 Kč

My paintings are metaphysical self-portraits, diaries that are exempt from linguistic relativity. In this way, I am tenacious and unrelenting in my search for the absolute. I look for connections between things, to communicate with the viewer, to share my point of view. Whilst painting, I face endless possibilities, starting from nothingness. I have nothing except the intent – create an experience that is overwhelming and absorbing, not just visually, but physically. I paint with diluted acrylic colours on unprimed surface, I dive inside a chaos of specific shapes and colours, stained deep into the weave of the canvas. The watery effect suggests instability and disorder. So I am consciously trying to push these irrational shapes to what I originally intended. I began to establish order, because I discovered that nothing emerges from pure chaos. But to me order is a false, sterile construction. So my (somewhat imperfect) solution to create a comprehensive artwork is a compromise. Much like life itself.

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