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Markéta Šafáriková

Water Lilies I

33 x 51 cm (HxW)

acrylic on photo

7 600 Kč

“To understand the things, phenomena and events in my life, to come to terms with them or to get closer to them, I need to do something with them... to transform them through canvas, paper, clay… to experience and touch it in a completely new way…”

I enter the space of photography with color in the technique. I break its borders and autonomy, by purpose I change its content and form. I take photographs by myself and I am a direct participant of the event, which I then transform by painting. I reveal the hidden events. I change the relationships and meanings of what we call reality. It is a symbol of searching for possibilities and courage to change seemingly rigid reality and events in our lives. Photograph and the original theme very often disappear under the painting completely, even though  they still remain in the result contained, as well as the foundations of a house in the land…

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Water Lilies I
Water Lilies I
Water Lilies I
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