Rudi Koval

Rudi Koval



Rudi Koval je mladý, talentovaný umělec, od roku 2013 student Akademie výtvarných umění v Praze v ateliéru malířství II u Vladimíra Skrepla. V letech 2016-2017 studoval na Middlesex University v Londýně.

My work is deeply connected to my inner self. It is a battle between free will and the slavery of thoughts, feelings and instincts – everything that defies freedom. I desire the eternal, raw wholeness and real integrity. I am looking for new ways to articulate my view that the main purpose of the world is inherent in free and unlimited will, in non-conformity.

My paintings are metaphysical self-portraits, diaries that are exempt from linguistic relativity. In this way, I am tenacious and unrelenting in my search for the absolute. I look for connections between things, to communicate with the viewer, to share my point of view. Whilst painting, I face endless possibilities, starting from nothingness. I have nothing except the intent – create an experience that is overwhelming and absorbing, not just visually, but physically. I paint with diluted acrylic colours on unprimed surface, I dive inside a chaos of specific shapes and colours, stained deep into the weave of the canvas. The watery effect suggests instability and disorder. So I am consciously trying to push these irrational shapes to what I originally intended. I began to establish order, because I discovered that nothing emerges from pure chaos. But to me order is a false, sterile construction. So my (somewhat imperfect) solution to create a comprehensive artwork is a compromise. Much like life itself.

I like that the process of painting continues to surprise me, I see the process as though the painting is growing. There is some kind of coincidence, which is impersonal. I am trying by irrational way to reveal the most sensational of myself, to rouse the viewer’s susceptibility. It is not about telling a story. I believe that if something is started irrationally, it penetrates far deeper. Only then is it time for my conscious control. However it is important to be aware of construct in the name of clarity, because it can lead to banality. I am not trying to denounce something about human nature, but trying to capture the brutality of my own reality. The painting for me is an attempt for transcendence, based on my own experiences. Each viewer can create their own experience from what they see. My paintings are the product of a futile and discordant life. A sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world. For this reason; culture, moral values and the world itself are all rejected and reality is subjected to the will of the individual.

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